Friday, March 19, 2010

hey hello hi.

Im sorry. Im not too good at this blogging thing. The last time I was on here was right after new years. And now it is right after ST. PATRICKS DAY! eek. Well, I have done a lot since then. Don't worry, Ill make the descriptions brief.

*January 11th is my sister Emilee's 10th Birthday. We celebrated at Rain Forest Cafe at Disneyland and I surprised her with this simple cake. Her and her friends were stoked. IMG_0797.JPG

*Later in January was Emma's 3rd Birthday. She is a big Tinkerbell fan so I designed a cake just for her. I had to convince her to lend me her doll and I "pinky promised" she would get it back. Cake walked into the party and the first thing said by the cutie, "hey! thats my toy." Awesome. She loved it. STP62595.JPG

*This was a pretty simple cake to make. But it turned out pretty damn cute. The party theme for the birthday girl was minnie mouse. I wanted to incorporate as much color as a could while keeping it simple. IMG_0818.JPG

*Oh man. This was awesome cake to make. I channeled my inner 6th grader for this one. It was a great change of pace for me. Turned out totally rad. And the 9 year old was just as stoked as I was. IMG_0831.JPG 22669_1256460697681_1414522260_30784590_1688207_n.jpg

*Vroom Vroom. This was a last minute cake for a gokart driver. Pretty sporty. 22669_1256462857735_1414522260_30784592_2114731_n.jpg

*Baby shower order called in all the way from Florida. Way cute and sweet. 22669_1256467457850_1414522260_30784602_7369062_n.jpg

*Another cutie and her special day. This was for a lavender lovin' 1 year old.22669_1256467577853_1414522260_30784604_4893755_n.jpg

I now leave you with some cupcake projects..

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