Tuesday, January 5, 2010

4 day weekends...

4 day weekends should come around more often.

After work on New Years Eve the Boyf and I had a Japanese feast at Ten restaurant in Newport Beach. They had a prefixed dinner with champagne planned for the evening. The meal started with a glass of complimentary champagne (nice!) Then a small platter of appetizers. The kitchen must not have been prepared yet, 2 of them were cold still. I doubt the filet mignon wonton was intended to be served chilled and chewy. Ohs well. Then the second glass of champagne was served. But this time it came with a $10 price tag. Anthony had the filet and I had the seafood platter. My plate was great, Anthony felt his steak was a tad under seasoned. And the dessert looked as good as it tasted. All and all a good meal. Just a bit pricey for the quality. $220 (including alcohol). After digesting we headed over to Orange and met up with my brother and his girlfriend for the countdown. Great music, good company, and even better dance moves were enjoyed by all.

New Years Day. Oy Vey.
Bagels gave us enough fuel to hop in Dads truck and head to the ranch at about 10:30am (meant to leave at 8). Easy 4 hour drive up until my dog Harry discovered the Cow. He ran back and forth between windows for the last 30 winding miles growling. Geez Louise. Anyways, we pull up to the gate and there are 3 deer staring back at us. As we exit the truck to unlock the gate they take off. I don't blame them, my rat terrier is pretty vicious and scary looking. Psh, yeah right. Its Anthony who is scary looking.
The next 24 hours are pretty complicated so I'll just hit the main points. Wrong codes, locked out of property, took down fence, 20 point turn, 31 different keys, ::sigh:: , no water, drive to town for reception, new codes, hidden key, ::sigh of relief:: , up and running. By Saturday night it was all good in the hood. The weekend of relaxation and fun officially begun. We played poker all night then woke up and rode the quads all over the property. We ran into a herd of elk, turkeys, and a fox. All was going fantabulous until the ride back. As we were going down a trail my 4 wheeler totally bucked me off. I was lucky by missing a tree but unfortunately the quad wasn't as lucky. Son of a bee-sting left me disoriented and dusty in a bush while it continued down the hill and straight into a tree. Oops. So, after that I was kinda over the 4 wheel driving for the day. Instead I learned to drive stick on the Reeper. Soo freakin' fun. Its like an adult PowerWheel.

Best weekend in a while. Bruises and chapped lips are worth it.

Now its back to work. Today we got an order for egg-free chocolate cupcakes for saturday. The theme is the Disney movie Cars. Wish me luck!